Hard problems, new technologies, better stories

I’m a product marketing leader, service designer and writer with 12 years experience in the UK’s leading cross-functional teams. Former clients include Google AI, GOV.UK and AWS.

I believe in the value of well-crafted words — especially for tech teams.

Hard problems, you say?

I love clarifying ambiguous and evolving technologies and topics. Since 2018, these have included quantum computing, trust, encryption, data privacy and AI.

Working alone or leading multi-disciplinary teams, my work has raised $55m for private sector teams, found new audiences for existing products, won internal buy-in, and set product roadmaps.

User-centered and technical

I bring a user-centered, agile approach to all my work.

An ex-journalist, my first tech job was at GOV.UK, prototyping and getting buy-in for user-centered digital government services.

My PhD research, analysing how women construct authority online, was cited in the International Journal of Human Rights.

Effective and lean

Using both quantitative and qualitative data, I validate, iterate and assess ideas quickly.

I've led teams up up to 20 people, and still adore the craft of writing, UX design and filmmaking.

Hands on, working to tight budgets and timelines.

Complex technologies

A lot of my work is under NDA.

You can have a look at some of the things I’ve worked on here and here.

Email me for anonymised case studies.

Complex spaces

I also work with teams and organisations who are bringing existing technologies and practices to new (or new-ish) sectors.

As a result, l’ve worked in medtech, edtech, govtech, proptech, and greentech. All the techs, basically.

Complex ideas

In the last decade, two million BBC viewers watched a speech I’d written, and Nobel Peace Prize winners have worked with me to clarify their positioning. For a while, I was making enough tentpole-event presentations that I dreamed in Google Slides.