Hard problems, new technologies, better stories

I’m a product marketing leader, service designer and writer with 12 years experience in the UK’s leading cross-functional teams. Former clients include Google AI, GOV.UK and AWS.

I believe words and stories matter — especially for tech teams.

Hard problems, you say?

I love clarifying and shaping evolving tech and ideas.

Doing so, I’ve raised $55m for tech teams, transformed company narratives, found new audiences, redesigned services, and led technical zero to one projects.

User-centered and technical

I bring a user-centered, agile approach to all my work, and have led multidisciplinary teams of up to 20 people.

My first tech job was at GOV.UK in 2013, prototyping and getting buy-in for digital government.

Effective and lean

I validate, iterate and assess ideas quickly using both qual and quant data.

I still adore the craft of writing, UX design and filmmaking.

Hands on, working to tight budgets and timelines.

Complex technologies

A lot of my work is under NDA.

You can have a look at some of the things I’ve worked on here and here.

Email me for anonymised case studies.

Complex spaces

I often work with teams bringing existing technologies and practices to new (or new-ish) sectors.

As a result, l’ve worked in digital transformation, medtech, edtech, govtech, proptech, and greentech.

(All the techs, basically.)

Complex ideas

In 2015, 2 million people watched the broadcast of a speech I’d written.

Nobel Peace Prize winners have worked with me to clarify their tech policy positioning. And my PhD is cited in the International Journal of Human Rights.

For a few years, I wrote so many presentations that I dreamed in Google Slides.